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PedicuresTypical LengthPrice
Sole Foot Treatment Pedicure 40 minutes$38
Smoothing Natural Pedicure 50 minutes$45
IceDancer Natural Pedicure 55 minutes$52
Firewalker Natural Pedicure 1 hour$58
Aloe Natural Pedicure 1 hour 5 minutes$62
Cucumber Natural Pedicure 1 hour 10 minutes$66
Sport/Diabetic Treatment Pedicure 1 hour 10 minutes$68
Sole Foot Treatment Pedicure 40 minutes$38
Detox Treatment Pedicure 1 hour 20 minutes$76
Essential Oils Treatment Pedicure 1 hour 25 minutes$85
Reflexology Treatment 1 hour 25 minutes$90
Legacy Natural Treatment 1 hour 39 minutes$105
Kid Pedicure (under 9) 25 minutes$25

Manicure & Combo

Manicure & ComboTypical LengthPrice
Classic Manicure 20 minutes$20
Baobab Natural Manicure 25 minutes$25
Firewalker Treatment Manicure 30 minutes$30
Legacy Natural Manicure 35 minutes$35
Kids Manicure 15 minutes$15
Como #1 (Regular polish Pedi & Mani) 45 minutes$50
Como #2 Reg. Polish Pedi & Gel Mani 1 hour$65
Combo #3 Gel Pedi & Gel Mani 1 hour 15 minutes$80

Gel Manicure

Gel ManicureTypical LengthPrice
Gel Manicure 45 minutes$35
French Gel 50 minutes$40
Cat-Eye Gel 50 minutes$40
Mood Change Color 50 minutes$40
Custom Ombre Color 1 hour$45

Dipping Powders

Dipping PowdersTypical LengthPrice
Basic Pipping on Natural Nail 50 minutes$48
Extended Length Fullset 1 hour$55
Pink & White 1 hour$58
Custom Ombre Color 1 hour$60
Coffin/Stiletto/Almond Fullset 1 hour$60
Glow-in-the-Dark 1 hour$55

Full Set / Filling

Full Set / FillingTypical LengthPrice
Full Set Acrylic (Gel Polish) 1 hour$50
Fill Acrylic (Gel Polish) 45 minutes$40
Liquid Gel Full Set 1 hour$65
Liquid Gel Fill 45 minutes$48
Full Set Acrylic (Regular Polish) 1 hour$43
Fill Acrylic (Regular Polish) 35 minutes$35
Acrylic Ombre Full Set 1 hour$60
Acrylic Color Fill 45 minutes$40
Solar Pink & White Full Set 1 hour 5 minutes$65
Solar Pink & White Back Fill 1 hour$55
Solar Pink Fill 45 minutes$40
Full Set Acrylic on Toes 45 minutes$45
Fill Acrylic on Toes 30 minutes$35
Acrylic Colors Full Set 1 hour$60
Acrylic Colors Fill 45 minutes$40
HYBRID GEL FILL 45 minutes$50

Nail Design

Nail DesignTypical LengthPrice
Basic Design (2 Nails) 10 minutes$5
Nails Art 10 minutes$10+
Swarovski Crystals (Each Stone) 5 minutes$10
Cat eyes gel polish 5 minutes$10
Chrome gel design 10 minutes$15

Polish Change/ Removal

Polish Change/ RemovalTypical LengthPrice
Regular Polish (Hands) 15 minutes$15
Regular Polish (Toes) 15 minutes$20
Gel Polish Hands 30 minutes$28
Gel Polish Toes 20 minutes$30
French Gel Polish 35 minutes$33
Gel Removal 15 minutes$10
Powder Removal 20 minutes$15
Dipping Removal 20 minutes$15

Add Ons

Add OnsTypical LengthPrice
Add Gel Polish on Pedi 15 minutes$15
Add Gel French on Pedi 10 minutes$20
Paraffin Wax 15 minutes$12
Callus Treatment 5 minutes$5
French 5 minutes$8
Cut Fingernails 15 minutes$10
Cut Toenails 15 minutes$15
Hot Stones Massage 5 minutes$5
Additional Massage 1 minute$2
Acrylic on big toes 5 minutes$8
Fix 5 minutes$1
Cutdown 5 minutes$5

Waxing Services

Waxing ServicesTypical LengthPrice
Eyebrow 15 minutes$15
Lip 15 minutes$10
Upper/Upper Chin 15 minutes$12
Facial Wax (Lips, Chin & Eyebrows) 35 minutes$40
Chest 40 minutes$40
Back 50 minutes$50
Half Arm 25 minutes$30
Full Arm 35 minutes$40
Under Arm 25 minutes$30
Hands 20 minutes$22
Abdomen/ Bikini 35 minutes$40
Half Leg 35 minutes$40
Full Leg 50 minutes$60
Eyebrow Tinting 20 minutes$25

Facial Full Menu

Facial Full MenuTypical LengthPrice
Rejuvenating Facial 1 hour$70
Nutricentials Bioadaptive Skin Care™ Hydration: Hydra Clean Creamy Cleansing Lotion In Balance pH Balance Toner Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid Day Dream Protective Cream Heavy SPF Moisturize Me Intense Hydrating Cream Get glowing, clearer skin with Nutricentials Here You Glow— a toner that does more than just tone. This thoughtfully bal- anced formula with a unique mix of Hydroxy Acids leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, healthy, and visibly glowing. At the same time, Salicylic Acid helps clear up acne blemishes and blackheads and prevent new acne blemishes from forming. Formulated to keep skin soft, radiant, and comfortable during the day, and complement your skin’s ability to bounce back from environmental stressors during the night, this Nutricentials must-have makes sure that your skin is always at its best, no matter what life throws at you. Perfect for all environments – hot, dry, or humid! This oil-free facial hydrating gel cream features a blend of bioadaptive botanicals that helps increase your skin’s natural resilience, protecting it against the adverse effects of environmental stressors, and a unique biomimetic moisturising complex that provides long-lasting hydration* by mimicking natural elements in your skin. Especially good for those cold, windy, winter days!. Nutricentials Brighter Day leaves you with a smooth, bright complexion by removing dead skin cells and pore-blocking impurities. Unlike other exfoliants, our double-feature formula uses Pomegranate Enzymes to help loosen dead skin cells while Natural Exfoliating Minerals remove them from your skin. Combining both enzymatic and physical exfoliation more effectively clears out dead skin cells without damaging your skin.
AgeLOC Face Lift 1 hour 5 minutes$80
Benefits: *Contains albumen, an egg white-derived ingredient, and elastin, a structural protein found naturally in the skin. *100% Fragrance Free. *Revives dull, tired skin by improving the appearance of the skin's tone and texture, for a smoother, tighter, all-around healthier feel. *Delivers much-needed conditioning to the skin with a combination of wholesome ingredients. *Soothes and softens with the use of natural aloe vera. *Creates a younger look by temporarily diminishing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. *Safety-Dermatologist Tested. Face Lift works immediately to temporarily lift and tighten the face and neck for a firmer, more youthful appearance. This formula firms and tones the skin within minutes, smoothing away the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Teens Facial 1 hour$80
Teens Facial designed for acne-prone skin: ageLOC® LumiSpa® Cleanser (Acne) Here You Glow Exfoliating Toner Day Dream Protective Lotion 180 AHA Facial Peel & Neutralizer Epoch Glacial Marine Mud Clear Action Day Treatment Here You Glow Exfoliating Toner NaPCA Moisture Mist Cleanse, tone, and moisturize specifically for Acne prone skin. The ageLOC LumiSpa Acne cleanser is created specifically for your LumiSpa device and helps clear pores and reduce most breakouts. Tone with the Here You Glow Exfoliating Toner for a boost of hydration and to help reduce the appearance of pores. Finish it off with your daily moisturizer of Day Dream Protective Lotion to protect against blue light, infrared light, and UV rays. Epoch Glacial Marine Mud This skin renewing estuary treasure helps exfoliate dead skin cells, remove skin contaminants, and rejuvenate damaged or troubled skin. It nurtures your skin with more than 50 beneficial minerals and trace elements, including zinc and sea botanicals. Benefits Minute colloidal particles of Glacial Marine Mud act as an emulsifying agent by forming a barrier around oily particles, thus allowing them to be removed. Deposits more than 50 skin beneficial minerals and trace elements to nurture the skin. Softens and purifies the skin. By attracting water, the mud helps to hydrate the skin. Helps draw out impurities and toxins. The basic molecular structure of Glacial Marine Mud is negatively charged. Positive ions including cations that naturally occur in the mud and positively charged impurities bind to the mud’s negative charge and can then be rinsed away leaving skin cleansed and detoxified. Safety–dermatologist tested. Clear Action Day Treatment This lightweight gel penetrates pores and dissolves clogs. While mandelic acid also gently exfoliates the skin to reduce discoloration and other signs of past acne, white tea extract, a powerful antioxidant, restores skin’s natural resiliency.
180 Vitamin C Facial 1 hour$75
Lumispa Cleaner Nu Skin 180°® Face Wash Nu Skin 180°® Skin Mist Nu Skin 180°® Cell Renewal Fluid Nu Skin 180°® UV Defense Hydrator Broad Spectrum SPF 18 Nu Skin 180°® Night Complex Nu Skin 180°® AHA Facial Peel and Neutralizer • Nu Skin 180° Face Wash—features 10 percent vitamin C to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone. • Nu Skin 180° Skin Mist—contains di- and tri-peptides from hydrolyzed rice protein to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and HMW complex to help calm the skin. • Nu Skin 180° Cell Renewal Fluid—formulated with 15 percent PHAs to enhance the skin’ s natural cell turnover rate, which improves texture, radiance, and pore size while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. • Nu Skin 180° UV Defense Hydrator—helps diminish the signs of sun damage with micronized zinc oxide to provide full spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. • Nu Skin 180° Night Complex—contains creatine to keep skin smooth, soft, and vibrant.

Complimentary Drinks

Water, Tea, Soft Drinks, and Wine.

Complimentary Drinks Typical LengthPrice
Water 1 minute$0
Tea (hot/cold) 1 minute$0
Vietnamese Coffe 1 minute$0
Soft Drinks 1 minute$0
Wine (white/red) 1 minute$0

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